Time Magazine

4003_img1_150_150minKay van de Linde, one of Holland’s most seasoned political strategists, did not see it coming: The few seconds on Dutch television late last month which turned the country’s election campaign upside down. Deep into the four major candidates’ opening debate Aug. 27, the incumbent Prime Minister Mark Rutte ripped into his Labor Party rival, and in the process mischaracterized his job-creation program. The challenger, Diederik Samsom, shot back with five words, “nu doet u heet weer”—“you’re doing it again,” a reference to Rutte’s reputation for blurring the facts. Glued to the television, van de Linde—who had spent decades in New York running U.S. political campaigns—gasped. Samsom, he was sure, had stolen the line from Ronald Reagan, who eviscerated President Jimmy Carter in a 1980 debate, by saying, “There you go again.” And just like then, the line was a game-changer. “It set the stage. It was a key moment,” van de Linde told TIME. “Samsom became a trustworthy alternative.”

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