Call me Al

CalMeAlPolitical pundits writing in the Oct. 18 edition of The Daily News here called it “probably Garth’s best commercial in several years.” The spot, which has also been touted on CNN and in several other daily newspapers that provide “grades” of political spots, is the :30 “Call Me Al” directed by Kay van de Linde, president of The Garth Group, David Garth’s political consultancy based here.

Using Paul Simon’s “Bodyguard” song as a soundtrack, the spot (all text and still photographs) sets up the relationship between opponent George Pataki and controversial New York Senator Alfonse D’Amato. As the Simon instrumental plays, the final image is a news photo of D’Amato holding Pataki’s wrist to lead him through a crowd. As Simon sings “You can just call me Al, call me Al” the text reads “George Pataki? Maybe we should just call him Al!” and the camera zooms in on the D’Amato/Pataki hand‑holding.

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